Our capabilities include 3D CAD design and CAM Manufacturing software for their 4 axis machining centre and CNC lathe. We also have a range of of manaul machines including centre lathe, milling machine, honing machines, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding machines, engine testing dynamometer and related equipment.

Plant List:

  • Bridgeport machining centre
  • VMC1000XP with Nikken 4th Axis
  • Doosan S280N CNC Lathe
  • Colchester centre lathe
  • Bridgeport manual mill
  • Kearns horizontal borer
  • Delapena bench and vertical honing machines
  • Serdi Valve seat cutting and shaping machine
  • Heenan & Froude 800bhp Engine test cell
  • Cam Pro Plus cam measuring equipment
  • Welding facilities

Our engine test cell houses a computor controled 800hp Heenan & Froude FO 201/45 water brake dynamometer equipped with data collection & monitoring software. 



To be successful in racing you have to be able to react quickly and effectively. This demands a manufacturing system which can respond rapidly to change, with the best machines and the best manufacturing techniques.


Using regularly updated CAD software TME have the capability to create complete virtual prototypes of every component. Design time is not only drastically reduced, but changes and development procedures can be achieved efficiently and easily.

Engine Assembly & Testing

We have a long history of outstanding performance ranging from the assembly and test of the entire range of heavy duty diesel engines and transmissions.